Wednesday, 10 June 2015

GNIIT - Cloud Computing and IT Management

About the course:
GNIIT in Cloud Computing and IT Management enables aspirants to acquire the skills on configuring, troubleshooting, managing, operating, administering and monitoring IT infrastructure with inherent specialisations in the area of cloud computing & virtualisation, networking, servers, communication and collaboration, databases and security. The composition of courses progressively develops learner’s capability to work in industry starting from a common set of courses that are independent of the chosen domain such as the knowledge of personal productivity tools, creative thinking, effective problem solving and skills on Advanced Excel. 
Moving up the ladder, the program will enable the learner to develop core skills in installing & configuring Windows Client & Server OS. Furthermore, the knowledge of network protocols and setting up a small LAN environment is crucial to core learning. In addition, the core knowledge in this space is incomplete if the learner does not understand the underlying fundamentals of Cloud Computing and Virtualisation. This program’s designs not only enable the learner to aspire for the role of server administrator but also for network administrator by providing skills on Cisco devices. Furthermore, the choice of courses in this path enables leaners to specialise in building private & hybrid cloud solutions and administration skills in messaging. 

Friday, 15 May 2015